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 We can supply the OSRAM Projector bulbs.

Brand Product Picture Lamp Part Number Projector Model  
P-VIP180/0.8 E20.8 P-VIP180/0.8 E20.8 Detail
P-VIP190/0.8 E20.8 P-VIP190/0.8 E20.8 Detail
P-VIP230/0.8 E20.8 P-VIP230/0.8 E20.8 Detail
P-VIP190/0.8 E20.9n P-VIP190/0.8 E20.9n Detail
P-VIP210/0.8 E20.9n P-VIP210/0.8 E20.9n Detail
P-VIP240/0.8 E20.9n P-VIP240/0.8 E20.9n Detail
P-VIP280/0.9 E20.9n P-VIP280/0.9 E20.9n Detail
P-VIP280/1.0 E20.6d P-VIP280/1.0 E20.6d Detail
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