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The Genuine DMD CHIP for ACER DLP Projectors

Manufacture Code

8060-6038B, 8060-6039B, 8060-6138B, 8060-6139B, 8060-6338B, 8060-6339B, 8060-6438B, 8060-6439B

Compatible with the ACER Projectors:

ACER X1110, ACER X1111, ACER X1120H, ACER X1140, ACER P1101, ACER P1163, ACER X112, ACER X112H, ACER X113, ACER X115, ACER X117, ACER X1160, ACER X1161, ACER X1163, ACER X1173, ACER P1173, ACER P1185, ACER P1186, ACER X113PH, ACER X1161PA, Acer DSV0817, Acer P1173, Acer QSV0001, Acer QSV0904, Acer QSV1032, Acer QSV1107, Acer QSV1307, Acer QSV1308

Manufacture Code

1076-6038B, 1076-6039B, 1076-6138B, 1076-6139B, 1076-6338B, 1076-6339B, 1076-6438B, 1076-6439B

Compatible with the ACER Projectors:

ACER P1266, ACER P1270, ACER P1273, ACER P1283, ACER X122, ACER X1220, ACER X1223, ACER X1226H, ACER D411D, ACER D413D, ACER D510, ACER D610D+, ACER D615D, ACER P1201, ACER P1203, ACER P1223, ACER P1265, ACER X1200, ACER X1210, ACER X1211K, ACER X1213, ACER P6200, ACER P7203, ACER P7205, ACER X1260, ACER X1270, ACER X125H, ACER X127H, ACER X123PH, ACER X1240, ACER X1261, ACER X1263, ACER P1287, ACER P5206, ACER P5260I, ACER P5280, ACER P1285, ACER P1206, ACER P1276, ACER P1286, ACER D110, ACER D111, ACER D113, ACER D210, ACER D315, ACER X1278H, ACER X15, ACER V32X, ACER V35X, ACER V50X

Manufacture Code

1280-6038B, 1280-6039B, 1280-6138B, 1280-6139B, 1280-6238B, 1280-6239B, 1280-6338B, 1280-6339B, 1280-6438B, 1280-6439B

Compatible with the ACER Projectors:

Acer DNX0815, Acer DNX0907, Acer DWX0815, Acer DWX1015, Acer DWX1126, Acer DWX1129, Acer DWX1305, Acer DWX1402, Acer P1303PW, Acer P1303W, Acer P1373WB, Acer P1383W, Acer X1383WH, Acer P5390W, Acer S1370WHN, Acer X133PWH

What is the Warranty time for Projector Lamps?

The warranty for projector lamps is 180-day, the warranty for projector accessories is 3 months.

How to send the Projector Lamps Safe?

We pack the projector lamps with foam inside, and the outside is packed in cartons. And we send the goods by DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS.

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