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> EPSON ELPLP82 Projector Lamps

EPSON ELPLP82 Projector Lamps


The original lamp with housing, which is the original factory manufactured bulb inside with generic housing.

EPSON ELPLP82 (V13H010L82) Replacement Projector Lamp is for EPSON PowerLite Pro Z10000UNL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z10000UNL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z10005NL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z10005UNL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z11000WNL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z11005NL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z9750UNL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z9800WNL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z9870NL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z9870UNL(Dual Lamp), PowerLite Pro Z9900WNL(Dual Lamp) Projectors. It is original bulb inside, 180-day warranty.

What is the Warranty time for Projector Lamps?

The warranty for projector lamps is 180-day, the warranty for projector accessories is 3 months.

How to send the Projector Lamps Safe?

We pack the projector lamps with foam inside, and the outside is packed in cartons. And we send the goods by DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS.

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